Why does skin crack in winter? Find out the remedy

Winter is near. The nature is dry. Cold wind is blowing outside. More or less everyone’s  skin  gets dry and cracks in such a frosty weather.  Usually our skin gets cracked when winter arrives.  Dead skin becomes sharp as needles.  The skin become rough and tough. Which is not usually seen in other seasons. So cracked spots are noticed in our lips, legs and skin. For this reason you are applying oil after bathing and cream before going to bed regularly. Repeatedly using lipgel. Still the skin is cracking. Dryness is being created on the skin. Do you want to know why? What can be done? Is there a way? 

According to the researches, in our  country skin is actually dry due to the weather, low humidity, pollution, dust and excessive sunlight. Our body also changes with the change of the seasons. For example; excess dust causes roughness in the skin in winter. Excessive germs accumulates in the skin. Which results in dry skin.  The dry weather of winter is the main reason of dry skin. During this time the water in skin cells comes out through small pores of the skin. As a result our body becomes rough, tough and taut. At a time the It becomes so rough that the tight, dry skin breaks down gradually. In the case of lips, it is seen that the lips gets cracked and the thin layer on the skin gets detached thus it is clearlr noticed that the lips got cracked. If you lightly scratch any part of the body, the thin layer on the skin starts to rise. Which proofs that skin is always dry in winter. When the skin of the feet is tight, all the weight of the body puts pressure on the back of the soles of the feet while walking and starts to crack in order to maintain equal balance around the soles of the feet. However, in all seasons, the legs are cracked due to professional reasons. Such as those who work under the excess heat of sun for a long time such as, gardening, farming or construction work. In winter, cracked spots are more common for dry skin.

Also when tight skin or any part of the body is stretched during movement; the skin still gets cracked. The skin also gets cracked due to the habit of licking lips with tongue, ultraviolet rays, hormonal problems, consumption of  excessive coffee  or lack of vitamin B2, vitamins ‘A’ and ‘B’, zinc and fatty acids. Lack of these increases the dryness of the skin and lips in winter. In addition to malnutrition and dehydration, retinoids are more likely to cause cracking of the skin in winter. Due to hereditary or genetic reasons, decreasement in the number of oil and sweat glands after the age of 40 is also a cause of skin cracking. Excessive swimming or bathing in chlorinated water, especially using hot water or alkaline soap, excessive air travel, some skin diseases, taking certain medications, over-exposure to AC, thyroid problems, diabetes, excessive use of  perfume , etc. can also cause skin cracks. In addition to cracked skin, darkening, allergies and various other problems are seen.

SO what should we do? This requires extra care. Otherwise, various problems may occur on our skin. Many types of lotions, glycerin, Vaseline, cream, Oil etc. are used in winter to prevent skin cracking. These are much oily. Which  makes the skin oily. That means water cannot come out of the skin. Air cannot suck water for oily substances on the skin. These prevent roughness of the skin. So using these can prevent skin cracking. Thus in winter you should  use good quality lipstick and lip balm. Should use a good quality  moisturizer. Use moisturizing soap in the bath. Cleanse dead skin cells before applying moisturizer. You can use a good moisturizing cream. Those who have acne problems can mix a little water with the cream.

But first try to get rid of bad habits, such as ignoring caffeinated tea or coffee. Salty foods make the skin dry. In winter, many people drink less water as it is cold, but it causes more cracks in the skin. So there is no alternative to drinking plenty of water in winter. In addition, eat plenty of vegetables. Try to wear soft cotton comfortable clothes. Do not wet the lips with the tongue, try not to pull the skin of the lips. Use a scarf to protect your face from extreme cold. Take a bath in lukewarm water. Breathe through the nose, not through the mouth. Use drops when the nose gets closed. At this time if 10 percent urea, Vaseline is applied to the palms of the hands it become much softer. In winter, the soles of many people  get cracked. For this you can apply 5% salicylic acid ointment or Vaseline regularly. Soak a clean cloth in lukewarm water and lightly press it on the lips three or four times.

Then apply Vaseline or glycerin thinly. Here are some homemade  remedies to use. You will get benefited. It is better to have aloevera tree at home. If not, you can  buy pure aloe vera gel. It contains vitamins, minerals and  antioxidants. Apply a little aloevera gel on your lips every night. This will moisturize your lips. Applying a drop of coconut oil on the lips will cure the inflammatory problem and will make the lips soft and moist. Honey is of great  help in moisturizing. It has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, which prevents dryness and prevents dead skin from accumulating. Cucumber also helps to keep the lips moist and soft as it contains vitamins and minerals. Green tea contains antioxidants and minerals, which keep the skin moist. Green tea contains polyphenols, which reduce skin inflammation. So you can soak a green tea bag in mild hot water. Apply it to the skin very gently. Prevent the skin from drying and cracking.

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