Must Amazing Natural Wonders of the World 2021

How much do we know about the mysterious world? Most of the incredible creations around the world are unknown.  Whatever, some of the wonderful creations are so astonishing that their existence are hard to believe.

Such are some of the beautiful places:

1.Grand prismatic spring, United States:

A lake poured with colorful water. The water of the lake is boiling and the scene of evaporation of steam from the lake is quite clear.  Seems like someone has set fire at the fire of bottom of the lake for which the water of the lake was seething. This incredible colorful lake is situated in Yellow stone National Park of United states. Which is named “Grand Prismatic Spring”.  The lake is colored as the color of rainbow. The microbes living in different temperature is the cause of rainbow color of the lake. This that kind of environment scientists have described at as the beginning of life on earth. People first came to know about the spring in the early nineteenth century. During that time some explorers and surveys talked about such a reservoir. In 1839 a group of workers of American Far company recorded its presence after completing an expedition in this area. 

The middle of the lake is dark blue. There are more different colors playing  around the circumference of the lake. Some of this are red, orange, green, yellow and of different colors. A slight change of color is seen in different seasons due to variation of bacteria.  The water in the middle of the lake is extremely hot. Bacterial dominance is very low  here. Therefore very clear dark blue water catches the eye in this part. The fountain has a diameter of 360 feet and an average depth of 121 feet. Besides tourists, Scientists who research on mineral compounds visit here regularly.

2.Vatanukul National park:

Island country ; Iceland of Europe is naturally mind blowing.  This country has some of the most amazing places in the world. The Vatanulul National park is one of those places in the country. This place is like a dreamland to the artists and painters. There is one of the largest glacier of the world. Beside there are numerous ice caves. 

In 2008, Iceland government made this southern region park suitable for the tourists. The adjoining Jakulsalgojufur and Sakafafel national park were joined together. This is the largest park in Europe spread over an area of 12 thousand sq mile area.  The fast flowing  rivers , volcanos and geological environment made this park unique. 

3.Nevada FLY Geyser, United States:

There are some mysterious place in this world which are hard to believe. This fly geyser located in Wasihoe, Nevada, USA is of great mystery  to the archeologists. The color of the geyser is thermopolic LGE, which looks like a rainbow. This geyser is of 5 foot in length and 12 foot in breadth. The geyser can launch hot water up to 5 foot. 

Though its discovery was unintentional. In 1917, after digging well for irrigation it was seen that, the temperature of the water coming out was 200 degrees, so it was turned off. After 1964 a company re-excavated the site in search of minerals. But the temperature of water was same as before. Therefore, the lid was closed again. Maybe the lid was not sealed tightly, because after a couple of days hot water again starts to flow from there. This is how fly geyser was discovered. Numerous ponds has been created from this privately own geyser. The geyser arranged with the seven colours of the rainbow seems like something out of the world. The color of the geyser green- red due to algae. And the minerals in the water creates rainbow color reacting with oxygen. 

4.Antelope Canon, USA:

Antelope Canon is a situated in South-West region of United States. This place is divided into parts named “The crack” and “The Corcoscore”. Much of this mountain range is still not discovered.This tunnels have been  of rock because of the sand and gravel that came with the flood water for millions of years.Although this high-risk pass is open to tourists, it is forbidden to go there without a guide. Experienced guides carefully show the tourists the discovered part.

5.Fair of stars in the  sea, Maldives

Whether there are stars in the sky or not, it is unbelievable to see a fair of stars in the sea water. Not only i the fair of stars  but the stars are shining continuously like  like lights. Yes,  this incredible environment is created in the Maldives. Blue light spreads from germs or plankton floating in the sea.

6. Pink Lake, Australia

There is a lake in the middle of Western Australia, the color of which is pink. The lake is called Hillier Lake. Not at any particular time, the color of water  of this lake is permanently pink. Behind this wonderful pink color a tiny algae called Dunaliella salina is identified. It has been found in evidence that its abundance  has led to variations in the color of water. Also the color of the water is pink in the presence of Halophile bacteria.The lake was first discovered on January 15, 1802 by English explorer Matthew Flinders.It is only 2000 feet long and 1200 feet wide. Lake Hillier is not open to everyone. The Australian government has declared the lake as a  protected area for research purposes. So foreign tourists, locals do not have much opportunity to go here.

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