Some quotes of William Shakespeare about love, life and friendship

1.Love is a smoke and made with fume of sighs.(William Shakespeare about love)

2.There are a lot of cupids who kill with an  arrow and some kills by felling into trap.(William Shakespeare about life)

  1. 3. If you want to get someone for a life time then dont approach them by love rather rather approach by friendship. (William Shakespeare about friendship)

4.water becomes warm by the fire of love but water cannot extinguish the fire of love. (William Shakespeare about love)

5.Will I compare you with summer? You area little too loving and warm. (William Shakespeare about love)

6.That love is not love which changes when they get alternative.(William Shakespeare about love)

7.Love each and everyone, keep trust on very few people,don’t do wrong to anyone. (William Shakespeare about love)

  1. 8. Those who don’t know how to express love,dont know how to love.(William Shakespeare about love)
  2. 9. I never something from someone, expectation result in results in sorrow and pain.(William Shakespeare about life)
  3. 10. Take pain and become sharp. (William Shakespeare about life)
  4. 11.My tongue is merely for expressing my anger,  my heart will break into peaces if try to hide those.
  5. 12. Expectation is the centre of all agony 

Quotes of william Shakespeare  about friends and friendship:

  1. The peace I get remembering my best friend is greater than any other peace. 
  2. A friend in need is a friend indeed 

Quotes of william Shakespeare regarding honesty:

  1. Corruption can never win over honesty 

Forgiveness is a symbol of greatness.

Being honest means to become great among thousands of people in the world

Inspiring quotes fo William Shakespeare 

  1. 3 condition to success
  2. Do more than you show. Talk less than you know 

Know more than others

Show less than others 

Expect less from others 

  1. Necessity makes the bad people turn into good 

 work with joy shortens time.

  1. If intention is ready than everything is ready. 
  2. Dont depend on anyone in the world  depend on your own hand and legs.

Those who wins in the world who  gives priority to the beauty of mind 

  1. Take pain,  grow sharp

Cowards dye again again before death but the brave take the taste death only once.

Happy are those who hear condemntion and try to correct themeseleves.

 Quotes of william Shakespeare about life sense:

  1. Life means travelling uncertainty 
  2. The whole world is a stage, and every man and woman is an actor on that stage; There is an entrance and an exit on this stage. In life, a person plays innumerable characters on this stage. ”
  1. I am feeling that it has gone but I dont know when.
  2. Will someone tell me how can i forget to think?
  3. I wasted time and now time is wasting me

If I hold my tongue, it will not bring good fruit except to break my heart

  1. Madness is the glory of life.

  People say that no one has longlived being mature at an young age

Dear Brutus, the mistake is not in our argument  but in ourselves

  1. Please  forgive me.

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