8 disease among those which are seen in the human body due to deficiency of proper sleep

If someone dont get adequate amount of sleep after a whole day of fatigue then the body wil get victim to different problems.Sleep makes the body fresh and healthy.The toxin gets out from the body through natural process.Therefore you get indefatigable energy to work in a day.
But there are a lot of people who work in night shift,nightclub and also party.Again some people do late study during exam and sleeps in the day. But the normal metabolism of the body hampers due to this for which several problems are found in the body.

8 hours of sleep is extremely important in order to keep the body healthy.A lot of problems is created in the body if the demand of this sleep is not fufilled.Do you know what kind of problems are going to be faced by the body if one don’t takes sleep? Click on the picture below if you are interested to know

1) Diabetes!
The demand of high sugar type food and junk food increases due to lack of sleep. Therefore the possibility of diabetes increases. It is observed from an experiment that, those who have sugar most of them have the problem of sleep.

2) Heart attack!
Due to sound sleep the hampered or tired organs gets new life or gets reckless energy to work the next day. But if there is deficiency of sleep the circulation of the body gets fast. Thus due to high blood pressure there remains possibility of celebral attack

3) Arthritis or weak bone problem!
The density of bone decreases due to lack of sleep. Therefore the bone becomes weak and fragile. Due to lack of sleep the minerals of bone start to decrease. Therefore one can get victim to arthritis.

4) Weight gain and fatness!
Hunger increases due to lack of proper sleep. It increases the appetite to eat junk food. And weight gains due to eating this type of food. The level of cholesterol will also increase besides proper gaining weight

5) Memory loss!
Blood circulation of the body gets hampered if there is not enough sleep. Creates obstacle for the oxygen to reach in the blood vessels. As result easily your brain tires up and thus creates problem in remembering something which results in memory loss.

6) Infection in urinery tract!
It is seen from research that, most the times urinery tract can get infected due to sleeplessness. So you cannot urinate during the times when you get the pressure to do so.

7) Psychological problem!
Stress and frustration is mostly seen due to lack of proper sleep. Problems like depression is seen.

8) Cancer!
In an experiment it is seen that the possibility of cancer increases due to lack of sleep. Specially the possibility of breast cancer. The normal metabolism of the body gets obstructed for which the cells get hampered. As a result the possibility of cancer increases

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